Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says NBN Co boss Bill Morrow should be sacked for his public “ugly” performance during the national broadband network roll-out.

Photo: AAP

Mr Shorten said he personally believed Mr Morrow should be booted out, because of the poor performance of the company’s rollout of the network.

“I think what Mr Morrow needs to do is resign,” he told reporters in Adelaide today.

The Opposition Leader said the public had been duped into signing up for the $29 billion National Broadband Network (NBN), saying the company had failed to make it easy for them to do so.

And he said Mr Morrow’s involvement in the rollout had undermined Australian credibility around the world.

“We’re a prime partner to them … and we’ve made it clear that we haven’t got the money on the table to do the full $29 billion … but a lot of the time he was relying on the fact that people were now taking it and it wasn’t getting onto the right sites,” he said.

“That didn’t help us sell this network.”