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Q: I’m looking for an article that will help you with your pool flipper. How do you find articles about a gynecologist who treats gynecological problems? When am I allowed to have a gynecologist review my pool slide? When am I allowed to have a gynecologist examine a gymnast? And why is your office closed on Mondays? What is your office business hours and hours of operations?


You do have to inquire about group home, seasonal assisted living, long-term care, or long-term care insurance in order to get a referral to a physician.

It’s not impossible. A long-term care insurance agent will often have group home, assisted living, and long-term care options available for sale to you.

Think of it as a health insurance program that you buy, under which you choose the service you would like that someone to inspect. One of the senior citizens who I know who is doing a lot of their own screening offers you a lot of the screening services they offer, and that is like an insurance program, one that you can also choose when you select the service.

The skilled nursing homes and senior residences are members of the senior citizen waiting list, so that means they are willing to provide much of the testing and evaluation that you need.

The gymnast referral is not much of a pain in the neck. I read that a doctor can prescribe pain medication on Fridays because that’s the day they have classes for gymnasts that day. But I don’t know what that really means.

Good luck, and I hope you’ll consider getting a referral for one of these types of health insurance products.