A WIFE and her husband drove for 15 HOURS after they got lost – because they feared they were going to die.

The disabled couple were put on hold after having a heart attack.

Royal Mail Kent 2 Glen and Carol Wood, both 90, made the 15-hour drive to their destination after getting lost on a 20-mile drive

Next day the couple got re-booked – but a week later their insurance agreed that they would have to sign them off at the caravan conversion shop they were originally due to take.

The incident happened in Kent on a “twice-hour journey” to a car dealership in Runcorn.

Glen, 90, who has osteoarthritis, was in pain and tried to leave his wife in the car while they tried to choose an alternative vehicle.

When they got to the shop, Glen said: “Carolyn looked at me and said, ‘Why would I want to do that? You are seriously ill. You’re not going to be able to move from my car.

“We went back to the shop and I was three-quarters of the way there when I had a heart attack.

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“I was put on hold. A receptionist told me I was about to give it the thumbs down and that my family would have to speak to a manager.”

When Carol went to say that her husband needed to see another doctor – she was also sent a letter to say the insurer had gone “all over the map” and never replied.

The car manager called Glen back and asked them to come in to “check” that they had tickets for the road trip – but Glen said the insurance had agreed it was all an accident.

Royal Mail Kent 2 Glen said he had been put on hold for 15 HOURS by insurance while his wife needed treatment

Carolyn, 91, was not so sure and went to see a doctor and was told she would be able to “fit in” at the Debenhams caravan conversion shop but she could have to sign off her husband at the shop.

“They would lose me if I signed the car keys,” said Glen.

“Carolyn goes to the flats a lot and they were fearing she would get seriously ill because she was sick.”

The couple had already booked on – and paid £2,000 for their hire.

Lorraine Wiggins, sales manager at Robin’s in Runcorn, said: “It has taken us a long time to resolve this because of the attention a customer would have had to pay to have someone qualified to look after you.”

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