A Canberra teenager was tragically killed by a speeding truck in a head-on collision in Melbourne last week. Our condolences go out to her family and friends.

We are saddened by the tragedy and I am concerned there is a lack of infrastructure in our region to prevent this kind of crash. We are writing to lobby federal and state governments to improve regional car carnage in our city, especially a sign by the head of Australia’s Police Minister has shown.

The owner of the truck has been in custody and charged with 12 offences including dangerous driving occasioning death and recklessly causing injury. Police have already used the photo of the speed camera and have used highway speed cameras to try to speed up the investigation.

I want to highlight the background of a number of operators involved in crimes including speeding and distracted driving.

In February last year the ACT Government used its Roads Act powers to introduce fixed speed limits and vehicle stop-and-search powers. The main focus was fixed speed limits where multiple speeding incidents had happened in a specified location.