To the editor:

We the Vancouver Trades Council invite all government representatives to be part of our coalition, which will be made up of many associations and associations that will be involved in providing for jobs, enterprise, economic development and job opportunities in the North Vancouver region.

Hamburg, Golden Horseshoe, North Vancouver and Richmond have already been called and their scheduled meetings with government representatives are already scheduled. With the new elections being called for the next federal elections, we urge the same course of action to be taken for our South Interior local municipalities and their elected representatives.

We want to request that all delegates to discuss the pressures of a North Vancouver, South Interior and North Vancouver residential housing crisis that is steeped in poverty and homelessness in our communities, as well as from services and programs that help to assist those in need. As President of the North Vancouver Trades Council, who represents people who form the inner- North Vancouver working class, and now realize that North Vancouver needs a meaningful revitalization to help them find real and working-class jobs, we invite you to attend the gathering on Thursday, September 20 from 2 to 4 p.m. in the upper floor of O’Neill Research building (1410 Hastings St.).

We need our North Vancouver, South Interior and North Vancouver elected representatives to address these issues before the election results are made official, which is November 6. If we support you, we should ask as many of you as possible to attend.

Photo credit: What Is Right With Metro Vancouver?, an online initiative focused on social, economic and environmental justice.