JEDWARD got into a Twitter fight with singer Ian Brown for claiming children born with the immune system EpiPen-related mutations are in a state of “rebirth”.

The Irish twins in the group got involved in a Twitter conversation with the singer after he commented that “the C9 [born with the immune system mutation] know-how may be one of the greatest things that’s ever happened.”

Getty – Contributor 8 Twitter battle between Jedward and Ian Brown appears to be a bit of a spat

8 Jedward hit back at Ian’s claims that children born with the EpiPen mutation are in a state of ‘rebirth’

Getty – Contributor 8 The twins are known for their cheeky ways, but even they aren’t immune to the tongue-in-cheek demands of social media

SWNS:South West News Service 8 He suggested this revelation would explain why people can’t get the EpiPen at a pharmacy for fear of dangerous allergic reactions

Ian told MailOnline: “A lot of pharmaceutical companies are clever. They take great care of customers – the numbers of people affected is substantial.

“They use a tremendous amount of expertise. If you go to the pharmacy or see the store clerk, most of them carry EpiPens.

“An EpiPen is important because you can’t get the EpiPen at a pharmacy because you will run out of funds.

“Where is the compensation from pharmaceutical companies for this?”

But people were quick to point out that it wasn’t the twins, John and Edward Grimes, who suffered from the deadly disease.

John was 10 and Edward 12 when the flu epidemic struck Scotland during their childhood, followed by being on course for other deadly infections including ebola.

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John turned up home from school on 7 December 2014 and was taken to hospital and given a severe allergic reaction.

Within hours, he began to wheeze uncontrollably, which left him struggling to breathe.

In an attempt to save him, medics used an EpiPen to put two shots in him every 48 hours to restore his lungs to their normal position.

But it didn’t work so he died five days later.

8 After both he and John died, Jedward joined the charity campaign to better inform people about the vaccine

9 Six months later, they met Ian in Dublin for their Father’s Day Lunch, and the duo resolved to support those affected by the disease if he got the chance.

Speaking at the event, Jedward said: “Ian and I are still really shaken by what we’ve experienced in Scotland.

“As any parent who has had to take their child to hospital or treated for an adverse reaction will tell you, there is a huge disconnect when it comes to getting our children the treatment they need.

PA:Press Association 8 Jedward with the team of Government undersecretary for medicines Rachel Owen at the launch of a new vaccine for H1N1 strain swine flu in 2010

“That is why we do so much work around the world and in Glasgow especially to ensure that every child has the medication they need and is protected at home when they are sick.

“Unfortunately, the world’s systems for dealing with the vaccine have been strained in the past decade.

“Instead of stopping at saying ‘Eph aa ae’, we want the vaccines to be given at the earliest possible opportunity.”

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