Kanye West has announced he is “done” making music until the deal with Sony and Universal is up.

The rapper – who is currently on tour across the United States – spoke about the making of his album ‘Ye’ during a radio interview with a show in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday (13.09.18).

He said: “I’m so used to doing this music. When I got the phone call from Red Bull and Sony, I am so used to coming to these meetings, these appointments and having this experience.

“So I am not done until I get my deal. But if you think that this is the end, you were not watching the setup, or until they told me, ‘This is going to happen,’ that’s what it really felt like.”

Kanye was apparently starting to make some “bullshit” music while performing it at Lollapalooza in Chicago on Saturday (09.09.18), but he revealed on Tuesday that he would continue to make whatever he feels would be more successful.

He said: “You were not watching me before you went to the show. So I’ve never stopped doing this music. This is why I sit here now.”

The rapper took to Twitter on Monday to confirm his three-album deal with Sony was done.

He wrote: “I’m taking my time with my tour but u are about to see some VERY BULLSHIT music.”