*Ascension, or Stanley Cup as he is known, arrived in Canada from the U.S. yesterday (Sept. 13) for a visit to the CN Tower.

It’s Stanley Cup Month in the City of Trees, I hear.

Because Stanley Cup is the Golden Gun, regardless of whether you’re up there with Canada’s most beloved sportballer, or you’re in Minnesota, Michigan, or it’s an Asian adventure, you deserve to watch the Calgary Flames grab third-place in the Western Conference, so to speak.

Because Stanley Cup is probably some anthropomorphic robot we made using his powers of persuasion, and you’re lucky if you’re even remotely related.

Ascension arrived at the CN Tower today (Sept. 14) to hang out in Toronto’s traffic-choked Bloor-Danforth area. He’s attached to a C-Stampede impersonator, named Steve Robin, a bit more than a week after he arrived in Alberta. The two were introduced last week at an open house at the Linsey Woods Coney Island Zoo.

The Canadian animals are part of a team of more than 30 leaders at the CN Tower, which has a $315 million annual budget and a staff of 170. It has about 500 employees and serves as the city’s core visitor attraction.

“They have to stop at the spot for somebody,” says Caroline Tutela, the park’s corporate communications officer. “It’s really important that they have a place, somewhere they can have a treat.”

Citizen of the Year

Stanley Cup was born three years ago, but didn’t reach the park until last year.

“Stanley Cup was recently featured in Citizen of the Year, and the irony of being born a year ago doesn’t escape me,” said Jayce Johnson, the CN Tower’s director of public relations. “The CJO was recently named Citizen of the Year, and, yes, it didn’t fully hit me until I realized I was speaking into a microphone and singing `Where the dogs live!’ and `Grand, wild and wild’ to one and all. As a human who visits CN Tower, it becomes extremely meaningful to witness Stanley Cup in the park, wear a Winnie the Pooh outfit, and be willing to receive a phone call or email offering a ride home.”

Sherpas among us

During Stanley Cup Month, local Sherpas will be boarding excursion vehicles to sell (or close to sell) souvenirs, helping clients transport delicate items along trips and offering opportunities to catch a glimpse of famous faces. Not that I know one right now, but I can assure you there are plenty of ambassadors roaming the streets waiting for the king of Toronto to pass by in person.

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