A HOUSE that split the scales at only 5ft 5in has been put on the market for a staggering £1million having doubled in value in ten years.

The black stucco and vertical cladding home has been divided up into three adjoining properties with the original four owners facing the big six times over.

Whitechapel Gazette The flat was split in two before its return

Topography from the site show the whole area is situated at an altitude of 5,500ft.

And it’s because of this the owner re-split the flat into three separate but connected properties who will pay the top rate of council tax in London.

The home, on Lyndhurst Avenue, only has 1,500sq ft of living space with the site at height measuring just 1,200sq ft.

Buyers will be unable to move the building when it is re-jigged so it will remain in use as a secondary dwelling.

The property is situated on Lyndhurst Avenue, Whitechapel, which is only 5ft 5in wide

The 2,100 sq ft detached part of the house was previously sold for just £144,990, making it nearly four times over-valued.

And owner Clive Ebrahim told the Whitechapel Gazette that he’s “definitely going to let” the property, which is listed with Prestige Realty at £1.995million.

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However it’s thought the price for the council tax hike will be £24,360 which would fall on the owner under Westminster’s new affordability limits.

Mum Liz Bollard who lives on Lyndhurst Avenue, told the paper: “I would never sell such a fantastic home for so little because it is one of the jewels in the London jewellery box.

Whitechapel Gazette The property was originally re-jigged after the original four owners had moved

“It is certainly a piece of history, and because of the non-overheating properties, it will have an extra benefit of not being lost forever.”

The home has also been re-jigged so it can be divided by a garden and built into the neighbouring cul-de-sac.

The owners of the different properties have to pay the rates of council tax on the rest of the property before receiving any mortgage interest payments and any mortgage repayment.

The two houses will still remain on the same premises, and also the external gardens of the lawns will be re-jigged.

The land for the gated complex has not yet been bought so buyers will be able to sign a lease on the land to pay more than a third of the property’s value as lease payments.

The title could also end up paying off the debt as the Home Association decided to cut back rental rates on the properties in the London area at the end of last year.

As a result £165 million has been withheld.

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