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We’re for Sydney

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“We are strongly in favor of opening up Sydney in 2020,” says our B-Town Blog Advisory Board in a press release this morning (Friday, Sept. 14th)

“We expect tremendous economic, civic and social benefits to the South King County region and the national economy, and look forward to speaking with both authorities and the Mayor and City Council in the months to come.”

“We want to assure the international community that Australia is open for business,” “We are endorsing additional international travel and trade as well as tourism projects that benefit this region’s economy and community,” (as emphasis is added):

The announcement was made on Sept. 14th, by B.C. Communities Minister Greg Hunt.

“First, our country has long cherished the friendship and the bonds of the Anglo-Saxon partnership between Australia and South King County,” he said in a news release. “It is very important that the City of Seattle and South King County maintain close connection with Australia. It is also very important that South King County businesses continue to have ties with our Australian community.”

“We also support the Mayor’s commitment to create an active, community-supported economy in South King County, and look forward to conducting extensive research on this topic,” he continued.

“For new business, we want to hear from the operators, investors, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs’ families, designers, designers’ families, architects’ families, artists, architects’ families, developers’ families, architects’ families, industry professionals, bar/restaurants,” he concluded.

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