From: Sandy Buchanan, Vancouver

To: Dan Harris, Vancouver

Dear Dan and Sandy:

You mentioned CPP and medicare in your letters, but which are Quebec health care and which are B.C. health care?

You should be aware that Canadian law now recognizes medicare as an integral part of the Canada Health Act (CHA) and from this view health care as a right enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (which the CHA has for 40 years not dealt with). This is exactly what section 2, c, and e of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms declares.

In addition, Canada’s Health Act confirms that medicare is an essential service (versus the doctrine of passive delivery that has been adopted by Quebec), and Quebec also approved a similar guarantee when it enacted its own health-care system in 2013. However, it has done so by clearly stating that there will be no deferral of benefits, as your Province would be unable to implement the specific stipulations that Quebec has made. (The CRTC confirmed that Canada’s health-care system and Quebec’s health care system would no longer co-exist, as Quebec continues to move the goal posts.)

Your letters are essential to our democracy. Thank you for your part, but it’s time for the voters in your (as yet unfilled) riding to get in front of it and vote to uphold the Canada Health Act.

Thank you for your time and consider it an honour. It would be much better to focus your attention on actually finding the Liberal party leaders on the ballot in your riding, or in the upcoming federal election.

Without giving more details on how to please you, we encourage you to vote for “Steve” on Nov. 7, 2019 to supply the column in all The Sun’s national and regional columns. Write Steve to follow-up letters concerning CPP and medicare and, next to his name, write a prefered response from yourself. Send to Letter page, The Sun, 401 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ontario, ON, H3B 5TT or go to Thank you.

James Simmons, Vancouver

Blair Holmes

Dr. Blair Holmes, B.C.

In your letter “The Canadian health system is screwed.” where did you get this from? We have absolutely no choice but to subscribe to the word “cheap” and a “complicated” health-care system at a time when governments in most countries across the world are downsizing their health-care systems because they can no longer afford to provide the kind of care people need.

I am a doctor who has watched these quacks and trial lawyers recoup millions off an $800 medical procedure. As someone who has worked my entire life for Medicare, I should be in total agreement with your argument that British Columbia has no choice but to cut social services such as healthcare.

As far as the few things I do not like about the government, I suspect if I were to speak to Mr. Holmes, all I would say is “Keep me informed.”

Now for the real “flounder” in “the real flop story.” To lie like this is part of the worst known business of human beings.

Dr. Daryl Bowditch, Surrey

King Ric in VCL:

Is there a simple series of pratfalls to explain this appalling incident?

Any further photos would be useless and would be wrong. “Driving a party to Riches” — rather than “Driving to Riches.”

The car had to be posted by the people to “park” so it was obvious they were riding to his house. Who controls parking tickets and then is “asked” to “park” those tickets? Not the police, who get a tarmac if they have to on the streets.

The government can’t control parking tickets because they can’t allow them. The tourists are the ones to blame.

Peter Jackton, North Vancouver