Michael Jay Sekulow, the chief legal counsel for the American Conservative Union, recently opined that the people trying to get the money to “give a token gift” to the Democratic Party for a 2020 election are the “sider of the token bunch.”

Sekulow, though, never intended to capitalize on the persecution of “senior African Americans” by white people in the white capitalist world.

“Of all the items not in the Democrats’ gift basket, perhaps the most troubling is the Janus case,” Sekulow tweeted.

James Janus, a Chicago public school teacher, is suing his state for using his body to judge his fellow teachers. His attempt to prove that a law restricting unionized school workers’ right to free collective bargaining violated his First Amendment rights was halted by a federal appeals court ruling.

Janus argued that his right to free speech was violated when, according to his own statement, teachers union leadership set up secret meetings of their own to contact school-age black children.

“I happen to understand there’s an oversupply of African Americans and whether a teacher has any choice, she has to respect the local government or be held to account on local issues,” Sekulow tweeted.

What was it we’re talking about? Young black kids?

Apparently for some people, it all stems from the trend in Illinois that’s known as the “schools desegregation” program. And, yes, it used black children as puppets to sell schools to white folks. In other words, the “brand name” of education.

Much like the teenage Transfiguration of Jesus, the very idea of teaching students their own “whites-only” culture makes some folks a bit off.

Sekulow is just one voice among those who are claiming that black child-watching is a “cost” to the Democratic Party.

It’s a cultural victim of this white culture demonization that claims it’s having too much “separation of church and state” to win re-election in a country in which white people own 88 percent of the wealth and where the university has a huge percentage of its students white.

The same is true of the argument, specifically about First Amendment freedoms, that whites don’t understand the free market because they believe, given government guidelines, that government should ensure that everyone is provided the same services.

The very same Trump that’s pro-life, pro-family, anti-tax, and unapologetically conservative on trade, entertainment, and social issues, and the same Trump who declared he won’t be Jewish because he simply “can’t understand” someone who would be repulsed by it if they revealed their Judaism.

In any case, Sekulow isn’t suggesting all whites are against minority children in schools. That might be a view he has supported for 30 years or so, but of course that’s been the stupidest.

He is suggesting that when a white politician can brazenly disrespect African Americans, while you’re the ones who ignored them, they should be condemned for non-belief.

When the self-proclaimed NRA bigwig pushes policies that totally ignore “young brown males,” and who are not being fed their white pride, including “fierce liberalism,” no one can defend it because we’re supposed to respect other cultures and nations that don’t suit us.

This is racism, pure and simple. It’s the worst form of bigotry and misogyny and we should all be appalled that someone as high up as Sekulow would even try to capitalize on it.

Sekulow just didn’t realize this racist thing was going on until he began thinking about the petty taste of it.