On Wednesday, Sept. 12, Morey Romero of Rialto, Calif., was stabbed to death while walking to her neighborhood bank, Rialto’s San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBSD) told news outlets.

She was 28, and a Sacramento-area police officer called 911 to report that she had been stabbed. Romero, who had been diagnosed with mental illness, had been visiting her ex-boyfriend in Sacramento at the time of her death.

The SBSD did not indicate in its official press release whether the stabbing stemmed from this connection.

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It also didn’t announce whether the officer had tried to stop Prude from pushing her off his bike or whether he had actually kicked her in the ribs or face, according to multiple media outlets.

Prude had, however, said that the next morning that he did “eat a whole teaspoon” of sweet tea from Rosemary’s 708 Tea before heading to the area for his day.

On Friday, Sept. 14, the second-degree murder of Romero was determined in San Bernardino County Court. Her body was recovered by the SBSD within a few hours of her death and released to her family.

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In a friend’s Facebook message to the Los Angeles Times, Prude called Romero “a great woman” and “a wonderful mother and a wonderful human being.”

“Daniel’s family and friends mourn a life cut short. She was full of life,” Prude continued. “She was always there for you. She was so kind and taken with what she did that every time you had a problem with her you let her help you with it. She was an amazing mother and grandmother…”