Contributed Photo by MOBre Productions/Facebook, Linda Bernstein

Dear Mayor de Blasio,

I am a former employee of the city government, and in June, you agreed to improve the city’s broadband coverage for all New Yorkers. We met on a few occasions with you and other officials, but we could not reach agreement on expanding the city’s connections. So we have sought opportunities to do everything we can to improve connectivity for you and our fellow New Yorkers. We are now reaching out to Mayor Bloomberg, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, former Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, and former NYC Department of Education Chancellor Joel Klein to ask for assistance in developing short and long-term plans to improve connectivity in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. The mayor has encouraged us to write a letter to him this week. The letter will be more specific than what you so far have done, but hopefully, it will provide a platform for us to spread our message.

In the meantime, I ask you to continue to pursue these efforts to improve New York City’s connectivity. The greater New York City Chamber of Commerce and the business community believes that real connectivity between all New Yorkers is important for economic success and the enhancement of civic, social, and cultural life in our communities. Our company, Michaelangelo Innovations, operates in the Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley in Manhattan and Queens. We pride ourselves on offering innovative communication solutions to our customers, and we are eager to share our passion for public service with the mayor and elected officials who know their communities best.

If you respond affirmatively to my letters, please consider asking the mayor to act on these requests, and make it clear that you will do everything within your power to facilitate the adoption of these long-term solutions. Again, thanks for your co-operation with us, and Happy Independence Day to you!

Linda Bernstein, CEO, Michaelangelo Innovations

Ray Hughes, Brooklyn

Yankee Airlines, CEO, Rogers & Hobbs, Inc.

Walter Brown, Brooklyn

To whom it may concern:

All New Yorkers