We’re in favour of Sydney because it’s the place to be for many ordinary Australians.

They can be seen by train, air or ships. They can be found in traffic queues, shopping centres and schools.

Most people can walk to the beach or park their car in their city centre.

Fluent in English or German, they can speak Hams German, Turkish or German, their cultural expression is known as Auslingand in Chinese.

Their debate begins and ends in Sydney and the ride is a never-ending ride.

We need a safe destination for all people from a diverse diversity of cultures, beliefs and ways of life.

We need a safe place to work and socialise.

We need a world-class court.

We need a world-class entertainment precinct where people can come and do what they love to do.

We need a world-class airport with the means to secure our future in a safe environment.

But now is the time to act. Let’s be a champion of Sydney.

We will keep working hard to ensure Sydney remains the great place it is.

Australia is not a green and pleasant land.

We’re good at fixing things.

We’re good at improving things and we’re good at cleaning up.

We’re good at overcoming problems and falling short.

But we’re also good at doing the right thing.

We all agree that modern society depends on great collaboration.

Our pool of creative thinkers, writers, thinkers and thinkers, who want to make change in our country, are not working in silos.

They can impact our world with the pressure of planning, construction and transport being taken out of the car and put into new ways of using public transport, roads and rail.

We need this.

It’s the only way we can take our country to the future, but we need every-day Australians to make sure it happens.

We have the resources, we have the capacity and we know what to do.

Sometimes, we just need to do the right thing.

Let’s work together to make sure Sydney remains the great place it is.