How often do celebrities become their own travel assistants? You know, the special vacation spot travel coordinator? The helicopter or the personal chauffeur? Marenka Carrasco has been masterfully blending celebrity charity work and humanitarian efforts with spectacular travel photography to document the worldwide movement to end child sexual abuse. Carrasco’s latest effort, a beautiful, first-edition book called Did You Know?, has been on the cover of the International Women’s Day issue of Harper’s Bazaar. It is an intimate look at the many elements of Carrasco’s passions, and a beautiful journey from leadership at Harper’s Bazaar to the creation of Did You Know?, especially considering the painstaking work it took her to complete her book.

Carrasco created the enormous book to make sure that true, photographed moments in Carrasco’s life during trips to India, China, Australia, Brazil, and the U.S. could be included. Take a look through the images below and at the full press release.

As fashion photographer, Carrasco has traversed the world capturing iconic images of some of the world’s iconic designers. She has taken her camera everywhere, capturing both the glamorous and the mundane. Her work has travelled to Paris and Rio de Janeiro. It shows off her street-style photography technique. She has traveled to Indian villages, where children are starving, for her fashion photography. In Beijing, she traveled with the Bird’s Nest Olympics mascots. With the Olympics in Paris she has traveled with the Eiffel Tower. And then there are her picture-perfect images captured as the heartthrob of the photographer. She has traveled with many stylish models, on globetrotting modeling trips, costume shoots, work vacations, and her own personal chariot. By collaborating with The Race to End Child Abuse, Carrasco will be able to delve deeper into the important work of child sexual abuse. Her travels have taken her to far-flung places including Jammu, India, Germany, Brazil, and the U.S. Carrasco has been photographed by dozens of leading fashion magazines and spreads in some of the world’s top fashion magazines such as Glamour, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar. She has been featured in high profile global fashion and beauty campaigns, with Joan Smalls, Agyness Deyn, Catherine Deneuve, and many others. She has provided picture books for Aga Khan Hospital and the Bazaar of Hope. She has created exclusive content for platforms including Good for You Magazine, New York Times, Marie Claire, ZME, Coco In Paris, Free and many more. She has also been invited as a representative for Vogue Brazil, Free Brazil, Free World of India, England, China, etc.

Perhaps Carrasco’s talent in contributing to initiatives or achieving accolades stems from her mission. Carrasco has devoted her career to service and social causes and is no doubt passionate about both. How will her books have different aspects when they come out? We’ll have to wait and see.

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