In what appears to be a sign of just how welcoming Columbia High School music teachers are, the Columbia High School marching band (PCM) was issued a permit on Friday to perform in Fayetteville in the first day of Spring Break. The school had planned to make the move, making it one of the first entries into the school’s district, but according to school officials, the band was given only a three-hour notice.

“It is unfortunate that, after years of significant decline, it has come to this,” administrators said.

Southcity High School band cancels trip to Fayetteville over ‘offensive behavior’ by administrators — (@OurLocalOregon) September 15, 2017

Instead of the usual 1 p.m. march up Park Avenue to the Music Hall, PCM was told that by 3 p.m. the band was ready to march.

“The band is in critical need of support and technical assistance so has requested the student flag rally and their request for a marching march be given priority over the School Car,” Superintendent Cyndy Dickerson said.

Although Dickerson explained that PCM’s three hour notice that the band would be needed for the march was not mandated by Superintendent Mark Stone, the door has apparently been opened for PCM to move ahead.

“We’ve reviewed the circumstances and we’ve determined, based on the information available, that this is something we’re going to move forward with,” Dickerson said.

“Do I think this is provocative? Yes. Do I think it’s offensive? Yes. Do I think this is entirely appropriate? Absolutely.”

This is not the first time that the marching band, which recently graduated from the University of Arkansas, has come under fire for “offending” some of the teachers and students who support the program. Prior to this season, members of the marching band were accused of blasting electricity while walking on the football field, which resulted in the fire marshal declaring that power was out for the entire football team.

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