As we march toward the #20 U.S. women’s soccer team’s historic debut against Sweden on Monday night, there’s no denying that No. 3 is looking poised to challenge the best that’s ever played in the tournament. The defending national champion team and quartet of dominant players were featured in this week’s “Best of the Best” feature by USA TODAY, and we’re pleased to announce that iconic WNBA player Diana Taurasi remains “best” in her recent cover story for the “best of US Women’s Soccer Magazine” and cover story for ESPN’s “NBA Countdown.”

While it may seem easy to call Taurasi the all-time Mamba, remember that she already owns the record for the most All-Star appearances in WNBA history. (We’ll throw out Dominique Wilkins’ 14 appearances in 1990-92 because she also played for Turkey!)

We’re discussing the team’s return to the tournament for the first time since winning a gold medal back in 2006, and we’re even talking about some of the non-official statistics about Taurasi. Taurasi currently stands at 43 points, 25 rebounds, six assists, five blocks and one steal for her career, which includes four gold medals from the WNBA.

It’s hard to imagine any women’s basketball player getting a smaller honor that Taurasi. But hey, that’s just Taurasi.