A SURPRISE THAT WILLIGHT saw her Queen’s husband Andrew look briefly impressed when she complimented him on his comic book hero Gary Oldman in press conference on the eve of his 36th birthday today.

And even Prince William could not contain his pleasure when he spotted her in the BBC studios to mark her gruelling 90-minute appearance on the launch of the new season of the Peppa Pig UK series, which you can watch here at 8.30pm.

Kate Middleton was as well. But though William may have not spotted it, he found the gesture hilarious.

The three royals together enjoyed some of Kate’s first appearances for the family in a month.

Prince Harry was also doing as much as he could today, supporting his buddy at the latest (and tiniest) cricket game, as his brothers helped Wales to a historic World Cup victory over England – and especially during the medal ceremony.

He waved a flag and smiled as he was mobbed at the cricket ground, while he and sister-in-law Pippa later cheered them on.

Speaking about his parents’ inspiration, Harry said: “It’s hugely important for me because I know what that means to them.

“Even when they were really young, they really acted out their feelings. I can see that now – just the way they made me feel, the way they made us feel.

“That’s what all mothers want – that’s what all children want – the same thing.

“All kids want to make their parents feel that way. You can read about all those things, but the most important thing is the feeling you get from being held.

“I saw that when my mum and dad, watching me play with my brothers and watching my dad come over and give hugs. You can see it in me every time I touch that flag. I love it.”

Writing on Twitter the day before Harry arrived back in the UK, Andrew accepted his guest’s cheers.

He wrote: “Grandad lived for 3 years before he passed away. Happy birthday to the best grandson I could ever wish for. Fantastic afternoon.”

Kate added a special message: “Couldn’t believe what amazing feeling it was to watch my boys and sister-in-law at the cricket last night. It is so special and we can’t thank them enough.

“Prince Harry loves to wear the special shirt which he bought for me yesterday. It’s hugely special and my sister-in-law Pippa loves it too.

“Never really liked cricket so I’m delighted for you. My two favourite sons were with my friends. The family is so happy.

“Thank you so much for the engagement today. Love to all.”

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