WE run a serious business enterprise with respect for the laws, regulations and rules on which we are obliged. However, it might be beneficial to have a discussion about what best may be achieved for a business enterprise if we give consideration to the impact on the wider community and thus the costs and benefits in the equation.

What objectives should be considered when building a business? Obviously our thoughts should be borne in mind not only by the immediate task of conducting business but also the vision for the future of the business as well. In the case of the rural food processing industry this would entail substantial investment and efforts.

Your thoughts will also be completely in line with our goals to create the best products we can in rural NSW by providing an excellent customer experience to growers, processors and retailers.

What disciplines, discipline or requirements do you and your team of employees observe when working as an employee of your farm. Also, who should the health and safety manager be? Will you be engaging with industry bodies to help ensure there is harmonious processes throughout the industry as well as discussions with decision makers?

The impact on the industry and on the local economy of an alcohol-fuelled drink driving accident could mean significant casualties on your small farm. People’s lives, property values and investment and livelihoods would be affected by tragedy or tragedy, or in the case of some farmers, certainly a life or death situation. Many small businesses will face significant losses in the short to medium term.

Our role in business and our ability to achieve success should be closely scrutinised.

You’ll receive some grant funding but if you choose to keep your Australian passport, whatever circumstances, you have the possibility of considering whether or not that is a good financial outcome for the business.