As it comes to light the rise in violence in Sydney is the result of corrupt politicians and the failure of the NSW Government, here in NSW, and our Parliament, to act effectively and decisively to halt the atrocious crime rate on our streets.

But instead of taking action the NSW Government has been left to fight the endless phone, text and e-mail battles with no results.

Although it’s true that we’ve got rampant drug and alcohol problem and many vulnerable people on the streets, we’ve never had a one-size-fits-all solution like we have here in Australia, which is why we now have very progressive laws and programs, and impose requirements that are serious, well targeted and strongly directed at trying to turn the tide.

If we’re calling on the Government to send a clear message that it has a problem with violence and crime against people and they must implement these reforms now, we’re being shortchanged.

We have been referring people to counselling and services and we have seen what those services can do; we can deal with people going through difficult and arduous things to try to turn it around.