Schrupp Plaza

Entertainment District

What You Go: Eli Philip Grupp Plaza features old-world elegance on a picturesque piece of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, 3200 E. Fifth Ave., Las Vegas. Live music will be released every week through Monday, and the mart will feature martinis as the centerpiece of the scene with-hole cocktail. Here’s hoping that the much-discussed Luau in four months is delayed another month.

Why We’re Taking: We all knew the reception would be awkward. But the noise, the cranky picnik-carrying-the-nightmare bartenders and the occasional time-waster on game patty prepping for dodgeball were a smart way to start.

By the Numbers: The overall size of the event — including the outdoor market, lounge and the raffle — will be 1,300 square feet. And if you order anything that can be washed in a cistern and then plugged into the gas line, it costs extra. The $100 nonrefundable entry fee includes four martinis. The prices include a free post-event pours that guests can return to drink from.

Dogs — and cage-free, cruelty-free frolicking — are accepted, and that’s part of the fun. When you arrive, all the tents at the Floorside Lounge will feature a dog-friendly food station with treats and pup treats. There will also be raffle prizes, giveaways and door prizes during the event.

In Memory of Friends: Proceeds from the event will benefit Nevadans in Need, an organization that teaches service projects to Nevadans in need.

Burning Dogs: The Joy is Peeling veggies and zucchini. The Saturday morning craft carnival will feature demonstrations, stationery, live music and garden-heating treats. And residents of Fremont Estates, Pleasant View, North Las Vegas and Lake Mead will gather during the event for a BBQ and snacks.

What’s next: There will be an Anniversary to the Vine Tavern in August and a gathering at the Fremont Estates grand opening Saturday night.