You would hardly expect the canine companions of your car to be having a grand old time to soothe it up – but there are plenty of dogs out there enjoying driving the old faithful with their humans.

Here is a sampling of photos that capture the amusing moments of humans and their canine friends.

Some dogs are simply taking in the sights, while others are exploring the interior of the car.

However, some are making the most of the trip, with one man driving his pet along when he found out he was going to check up on a family dog.

A passing vehicle brought home a furry friend

You could almost smell their tummy as a travelogue


One of the most photographed images captured dogs exploring the interior of the car

Just watching the four-legged guests enjoy their experience

They have a really good time

Some people appear to be having fun

Some of the dogs are out-swimming at the entire length of the car

That is good eye-watching

Okay let’s take this car trip in

True to real life

Watching the drama unfold

Making sure your partner is all right

Saving a bag under the seat

Their actions may not be up to the standards of those around them

This was unusual

This was a little far-fetched

This one was relaxed

A team effort

The driver and the passenger find a pet safe

So come on, breathe, lets take a look

Just relax and enjoy

A paw shop in the background

Yep that’s true

That little guy with the orange fur look

OK go on, calm down

Excited to be on the road again