When it comes to our contemporary cultural capital, New South Wales is in a veritable golden age.

As defined by the Nielsen Company, the state earned a steady gold ratings presence in the weekly Nielsen Adult 18-49 rankings for 2018.

And it’s only just emerged that Matt LeBlanc had finished filming his final episode of Joey before filming the mega-hit Home And Away wraps up (along with half of everything else right around it): the business-television drama from the respected Australian media channel Nine is currently averaging a staggering 5.4 million viewers, while the highly acclaimed All My Children from U.S. network ABC, which began airing on the network in 1993, is the No.1 show on Australian screens with 3.3 million.


And for those who feel the real Sydney region of Sydney is being mistreated, you might want to take a good look at the Labor Party.

Over the past 12 months the Labor Party has won 11 new seats, while the party will vote on a 35-member Senate in the next State Parliament. The seat held by Malcolm Turnbull has been thrown open, effectively, by a cross-over from the Liberal party.

The potential outcome of the Liberal margin is that Labor’s Kevin Rudd will comfortably win the seat of Dobell, against whose proximity to the Riverina town of Menindee Lodge Seven-a-side rugby league player, at the age of 72, only slightly higher than the average football oval in Menindee. Turnbull has said he will stand down, a process to which Joyce, no doubt aware that he is out-polled in New England, is likely to warm to.

On the Down Under side, there are two new seats in the upper house, and the vast majority of the country’s National Party are moving from the Liberal party into the National party. That’s where the NSW Open Nationals used to be – but they’re nowhere near as good as the Liberal party in those small pockets of territory in the south.

Among the major parties, most are on the run at the start of the next Legislative Assembly election. The Coalition government and Labor are neck and neck with only occasional conservative gains; however, the strength of the Liberal party is getting worse – under Malcolm Turnbull, it’s destroyed or degraded left-right-centre conservative parties in Australia’s Parliament’s history: in 2004, the right in the NSW Legislative Council, even with a significantly more junior range of votes, was still the Liberal Party.

Clint Eastwood’s popular comedy, The Breadwinner, is an important game-changer for the Liberal Party. Directed by Eastwood and written by his Dear White People collaborator Akiva Goldsman, the film tackles complex issues, not just about race and religion but social issues in the first female-centric film in the history of Australian cinema. The film’s box office results have been so strong, it is no longer put in the Australia Day honours list.

And if your book has been written? This is a clear sign that you’re about to have a decent book deal; a book by Hugh Hand told me this morning that the academy has been sending executive scans of the book to the publishers they think will be the best fit for them and they’re open to buying, well, anything, from Game of Thrones to The Wall, with acknowledgements such as “books are writing for other people” – which of course is totally undemocratic.

When and where is an average voted Sydney decision made? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the United States has about 2.1 million (of a population of about 21 million) weekly television viewing hours. It has more (by about 36 million a week) than any other nation except the United Kingdom.

The Bureau’s total Australian TV viewing hours annual table will continue to show that Australia’s television viewing is more concentrated in cities and towns than it is nationally.

Just in Sydney, the ABC’s older stable of dramas, which comprises The Morning Show and Fresh TV, has averaged about 400,000 total hours of TV viewing every week. ABC1’s Daily Roar is averaging 885,000 total hours, while SBS’s Downton Abbey averages nearly 800,000 in Sydney.