Nelson Edens

A Jewish man on Craigslist

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — A Swedish rabbi has come up with an unusual, yet redeeming response to a woman who advertised herself as a widower on Craigslist. He went on her about the marriage and the children, but was frankly insulted and without proper documentation.

“You are a damn fool. If you are the husband and you have no money, which is the most difficult thing for you when you have a baby, if you have a kid and you don’t get paid,” the man says. He went on to say that “you are not going to take me for that and I will not lose any more of my dignity.”

Amid the invective, he focused on having been given a calling to assist grieving families and provide care for the children. He says, “All this is there for the sake of the parents and the kids.”

He ends his ad by saying he only did it because he doesn’t live on his own anymore and says, “There is not much I can do. The man only has one chance.”