PFLAG is a national non-profit organisation that works to reduce family violence.


We’re for Sydney

One in every seven people in Australia is a victim of family violence.

But on National Family Violence Awareness Month in September, what makes a good Sunday to start a fundraising walk?

With such a tragic number of people, parents, siblings and children in harm’s way, the idea is simple: each walk makes a difference.

Ride Australia for Sydney announced it was running its 20th annual ‘House of Respect’ event to raise awareness and to celebrate the contributions of ‘family warriors’.

Organiser Andrea Williamson said this year’s house of respect take place on Sunday, October 13, 2019 in Sydney’s historic Queensland Monash Avenue, joining other events around the country to kick-start the national period.

National Family Violence Awareness Month highlights the mental, physical and emotional impact of family violence.

Family violence affects one in four families in Australia – more than a million family members a year suffer loss to family violence.

With such a toll, the National Family Violence Awareness Month celebration aims to raise money, awareness and information for the close to one million family members affected annually.

Reasons to honour the family warriors are as follows:

¢ It reminds us that it does happen in the first place – National Family Violence Awareness Month instils a deep passion for turning a theme into a lifetime-long commitment

¢ It is a time for us to reflect, discuss and address the pain, worry and tears we cause our loved ones.