Although the Official Sydney Plan is being fought against by some Liberals who want an agenda of metropolitan services and privatisation, we’re for it.

The opposition and the ABC understand that Sydney needs a good plan to improve and repair our city. They say that new developments must incorporate safe neighbourhoods, tall buildings and tall traffic lights. So we’re against that. Sydney in 2015 met this test. It needs more, not less public transport, more water, more hospitals, more schools, more infrastructure like bus rapid transit and better pedestrian routes.

Bureaucrats are in the know and have been down at their desks late night. Picture by Chad Schulte.

Of course they can’t even get through the stack of papers they spend four hours on. But the priority is the future – not the dead towers the house-to-house lawyers and bureaucrats are fighting.

Housing affordability is unacceptable. Having a two-room flat in a rundown suburb makes no sense. The seniors’ forum raised housing affordability as a key issue that can only be addressed by doing things now – like building less expensive housing.

We’ve said this before but it hasn’t changed. Sydney doesn’t need “solution mania” and infotech levies on all new houses. Sydney needs house building, too, but not all houses. If we build the $150 million projects on the Western Ring Road this week, we will make a huge difference. We’re not going to build anything under $40 million. For Sydney to move forward, it needs sensible, affordable housing.

While you’re here people are asking what to do about affordable housing and public transport. We’re sick of seeing public transport put into jeopardy. Can we arrange for what will be happening on weekends with express services? We’re OK for the big public works projects in our city, but they need a lot of realpolitik. We need a plan.

We’re in favour of parks and walkways, so-called Live Streets. These are smart projects that will ease traffic problems and discourage walkers. They can be done now, to minimise inconvenience. That’s why we support them. Many of our councillors work for motorway and bridge associations and have experience in these projects.

The whole of Sydney is going to need great attention in the next six months. The area of APEC has been moved. There’s the issue of the damaged King’s Cross train station. It looks unsafe – it was built when rail was about the most precious piece of public transport.

In the bigger picture, a detailed, proactive and positive Plan is in the best interests of people in Sydney. We need strong, consultative government and oncologists in Sydney. We need hospitals in superb condition. The community of Camden looks great and can be almost full for the upcoming Spring Carnival. We all need better hospitals in Sydney.