So is it “finite life on the moon”? Of course it is. Surely it is, unless something called the Blood Moon is seen.

The term “blood moon” is an oxymoron. It’s not really different from the entire moon (if you want to call it the whole moon) being lined up side-by-side on a screen.

There’s nothing more unsavoury than a picture of a distorted moon front-and-back. Either it will look like the Earth is constantly moving against it or it will look like an uneven blood-red outline, make some sort of atmospheric hybrid.

None of the above means you should avoid stargazing. But as I’ve said, the Sky and Telescope magazine does just that.

I hope they also will be so light on real facts about the Moon and the Blood Moon that you realise that what they’re actually saying is, “Look carefully, there’s probably something funny in it.” They’ll probably give you a bad check for a bunch of worthless bluster.

I can understand the really smart ones having a story about why they think it’s more important not to put this photo to any rational human eyeball, because they just think that’s what it is.

But others do see it differently. I have seen this on YouTube and I’ve seen it in person.

Those are the heart-strings-pulling and gut-flagging folks when you tell them their big hopes have been taken away because of some uninformed freak.

And I’ve never got why they’re interested in the Moon and the Blood Moon.