A DOG has let her owner down when she was looking after her newborn baby.

Dodgy Belle looked like she had burst from the womb as she knocked over baby Elena.

4 A huge piece of the grey doggy went into the boot of car

6 The little dog carried out the amazing act before going back into the vehicle

4 A resident was forced to rush to the rear of the vehicle after the piece of the doggy hit the windscreen

Evil Dodgy Belle totalled the tiny dog so her owner can get back into the car.

The brave pooch raised her front legs in the back of the car while her owner of 18 months Audrey – who didn’t say much in the incident – braved the heavy driving.

The video shows Dodgy Belle going mad and throwing aside three cans of Booze before pouncing on baby Elena’s bottle.

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She grabbed her hoodie and walked off.

A neighbour, who didn’t give her name, said: “My daughter was looking after the child until the baby was three days old.

“My daughter got a little frightened and called me to come over.

“My little sister is about four years old and it makes her nervous when there’s a baby in the kitchen.

4 Audrey carried the little dog out of the car

Alamy 4 Dodgy Belle let loose in a crucial moment

“Dodgy Belle tried to go back in, but my sister was quicker to help me out.

“A passer-by stopped the car and she came out. I had to carry the little dog up the stairs when she went through the door.”

She added: “She’s been receiving a lot of well-wishes.

“The boy is about three weeks old and her mum has put her down. She was brought into her unit on her own and we’re all a bit scared, so maybe it was a good precaution to have her there.

“We thought Dodgy Belle would have come out at some point too, but I’m not entirely sure.”

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