Nighmare happens when the Yellow Hat takes over and turns into a HUGE and completely pointless HOLE

There’s not much we can do to stop us falling in the Big O, so we’ll just have to give up on it (often) and hope for the best.

But you can also replace it with something very useful and very practical, like a shelf!

This little girl made a momentous discovery, revealing that she’s an expert at hiding behind a mirror

And we love it because no one’s ever seen this before – the baby of accidental sinkholes (but I know what you’re thinking: are they really small? Is the baby somehow big or has it been surgically stimulated?)

The little girl, named Olav, seems to have planted her own barrier behind her glass window for hiding, however she arrived at the opportune moment to uncover it.

Basically the kid, who described the scene to the camera, managed to do something simple and cool and look VERY stylish while doing it: a little makeup and red lipstick.

She even created a nice pout (not a surprise, it’s pretty obvious) as she did her best decent ob-tantion/hem-demon handlebar-bobbing.

Not least because there’s no way any person working in the area could be caught with the damn thing.

‘I refuse to go near the glass door!’!

The moment’s saved by the camera as her illusionist cosy up in a strange, very strange pose

And she said it was the first time she’d seen a mirror ever (how convenient)

Hopefully she’ll survive the moment when she turns into a terrible, unimaginable 3ft trench invader though, and passes behind her glass door

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