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Let’s be clear: Today’s coverage of Simone McCutcheon will horrify one person who is a journalist, but it will advance the conversation about another woman from a minority background making it into the news. It’ll raise interesting questions about history and journalism and make more difficult the dominant gender roles most mainstream women still hold, including the outlets that failed to interview Asian-American or African-American women when the news first broke, and some of these women are using their interviews to lead their daughters to work in journalism.

Oh, also, one of those stories — which we’ll save for next week — just paid to put “Simone” on Amazon’s Prime.

Simone: Have you thought about what you’re going to do with your career in journalism, when you grow up?

CNN Associate News Editor Najee Ali: Yes, definitely. We will talk about this a lot.

For those who haven’t noticed, Morgan Mangiamese’s partner and journalist, Franchesca Ramsey, ran The Guardian’s Asian American editorials and wrote and edited the popular Asian American Media Night column. For NBC News, one of the team’s reporters, Lauren Sivan, was also a part of the Asian American Media Center and earned a journalism credential in Washington. Clinton University, where she graduated from in 2006, issued a TICU for college students in 2008. When Clinton announced in 2014 that she was running for president, she offered the “question of gender to promote the conversation around diversity and inclusion in American society,” and said, “I am proud to call myself an Asian American and to call myself, for the first time, a Democrat.” [The Washington Post]