PA/SWNS Vicky Scott has appeared on reality TV shows

Vicky Scott was held at the Brownsmaw Institution, near Huddersfield, after being arrested for the theft of a car in 2016. But bizarrely, she found a blanket to hide in a car parking next to the facility’s car park. She was approached and asked if she wanted to join her fellow inmates in a spontaneous group. The prisoner revealed she was going to flee the jail but ended up letting them in. And it took two guards to try and get her out.

PA Vicky Scott is due to stand trial next year charged with the car theft

One member of staff distracted Scott to make sure she knew she was not being attacked. But she let in two prisoners who were hounded by staff before finally letting them go. Scott has been dubbed “Girl Prisoner” for her refusal to cooperate with her fellow prisoners and her image on reality TV shows. “She’s just the most ugly bitch on reality TV with a face like the motherfucker from Fame Academy,” said her former cellmate Tracey Clifton. “She’s just a crap.

WNS The prisoner hid in a car park behind the Brownsmaw Institution