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CINCINNATI – The mother of three siblings killed in 2016 says the men she married were abusive and have attempted to get their marriage overturned.

In April, federal Judge Dennis Posner refused to vacate the death sentence against Christopher Brown and Ronnie Marquez-Ferguson. They are the only two defendants in the initial ongoing murder trial against Christopher Brown.

“I’ve been patient for a long time, but I couldn’t sit back and wait for a break to allow me to just for the grace of God my sons are gone,” said Lorraine Brown.

Brown’s mother said the judge’s decision to vacate the death sentence has not stopped others from seeking and seeking justice. She wrote a letter pleading with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to move ahead with their agenda and appeal.

“But we, as fathers, are not up to the task. We are frustrated,” she said.

Brown said it is difficult to put her three sons through this. Their youngest brother doesn’t believe they survived that night and worries, saying, “My mama was my only family, so to try to take her away from me.”

That was the reason for the bond requirement. She wrote, “The I.A.B. called my boys up. My boys cried themselves to sleep and I wanted to tell the kids I loved them and that we were all going to get through it together. No, it’s just hard.”

She said it has been getting harder for her to communicate with her boys. She said the reason they are dead is because she has hurt her boyfriend because she can’t communicate and so he killed her sons to keep her from talking about him.

“You have to be mentally unstable to do this type of thing,” she said.

She said if she and others won’t get closure from a man who took her sons’ lives, she is willing to take any measure possible to move forward.

“If that helps, I’m just willing to take what is necessary, even if it’s not justice, just to bring closure to my sons, to give them a little bit of peace,” she said.

Brown said she has written and spoken to several members of Congress on the subject of wrongful convictions and torturous death sentences, but that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has failed to respond to her. The answer is to bring closure to the family first, she said.

For her part, Lorraine Brown said she would love nothing more than to get the jury convicted and any death sentence vacated for Brown and Marquez-Ferguson.

“I don’t want to sit here and think it’s not going to happen,” she said.

According to their attorneys, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation were involved in the investigation that led to the arrest of Brown and Marquez-Ferguson.

For more information on the person’s if they want to contact U.S. Attorney Ed Dolezal’s office or contact him at at 1-800-130-YOUR-JOURNAL.