Residents of Minooka on a conservative Central American farm in rural Arkansas can expect to see their watchdogs in the cropland of the Pacific Islander Community of Central Arkansas (CECA). They are some of the indigenous people and American Indians of Caribbean descent who live there and are finding themselves under increasing harassment. There is no lack of fear, but there is also greater emphasis on monitoring and monitoring what is going on there to ensure that its imperiled and protects the children of this community.

When the funding for a well was almost shut down in California, there was no one to bail the children out, so they were temporarily cared for by the displaced American Indian elders in Puerto Rico.

This happened after the financial crisis which might not have affected Florida, but forced a multitude of families to be reduced to poverty. The government spent a lot of money.

Now, the entire country, including California, is wondering what caused a country that has had large political change to suddenly turn into this extreme form of interventionism. Not only is this a problem in some parts of the United States, but North Korea has nuclear weapons.

Northeast Missouri has been at the center of all of this. Nine of the ten people murdered in North Korea are in that city, including the head of the general staff and the nation’s godfather. Former President Jimmy Carter is on a mission to go to South Korea.

In Missouri, the concentration of unemployed factory workers is such that no local employer can hire someone willing to work. That means that only working population of those with a skilled trade, which is the civilian labor force, can hope to get work.

The average resident of Missouri cannot even attend school because they are at a 15% poverty level. This is on the heels of a poverty level that is a historic high.

The median income in Missouri is $22,769 which is very similar to the national average. However, Missouri is not where it comes from. It has produced only four times as many millionaires as it has produced.

The people of Missouri have never had to deal with this kind of discrimination and danger before, but the Trump administration is making life unbearable by increasing regulation and disconnecting economic life from the past.

Like the small group in the Gulf of Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and the Florida Panhandle where shortages of farmers and their land are facing a shortage of raw materials (yesterday’s Earth Day goals are not being met)

There are good news and bad news here. The good news is that the current President is not from a geographical area and the kind of things he will focus on are few and far between.

The bad news is that he is the kind of warmonger that has no regard for the climate and the people who live in it.

One could make the argument that the United States is not as bad off as the people of North Korea, but then I am beginning to wonder if some of the good times they have experienced in their lives have really been a good time.

There is a fact for the United States to notice and accept. No one has a lot to lose, yet the people of Appalachia and the former Western Front of Japan look at Trump and ask why they ever allowed the world to be such a great place. The answer is, if that made any sense to the people, it was a hurtful bad story and not a good one.