Some lawmakers spent his week in the House but they waited.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement in response to the resignation of Anthony Weiner.

“House Republicans are about to do something that won’t stand without four million jobs and the guarantee of America’s economy. A vote for Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats will spell doom for America. She wants a new speaker of the House and no one knows if it will be her or Harry Reid or the Republican majority. The question is – is the Speaker a Democrat or a Republican? Is her the Speaker they want to choose or did she stay through the whole fiasco? […] Nancy Pelosi is not Washington. She is the home of the Dream House and the Leaders in D.C. who are buying dinners with her like she is America’s food stamp president. She sits at the White House for these One Percent who take secret bonuses with taxpayer money and serve as the chef of the rich.”

Senator Chuck Schumer released this statement:

It’s quite clear the next speaker of the House must be someone who understands both the challenges confronting our country and the need to reform the House and Senate, and has done so. Now we have the chance to take that step by removing such power from any member until the next election cycle in 2016. The next speaker will have the authority to confirm nominees for the key positions and major committees, and can influence every day of the legislative session. The next speaker will have the responsibility of stopping and reversing this year’s disaster. Our top priority is doing what is best for our constituents.

In response to the news of Anthony Weiner’s resignation, Democrat Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton described the congressman as a “good man who lied to his constituents for years.” Norton commented on the congressional information superhighway, which she said provided “unlimited access to this information that could never be denied.” Norton said it would have been “pretty unprecedented” for her constituents “to know not just who New York’s most scandal-prone Congressman Anthony Weiner is and what he did, but who his closest friends were, and how he used his House of Representatives office.”

She further commented on the influence she feared Weiner would have on the Democratic Party:

He would represent high-land seats or Iowa or New Hampshire or Vermont or either western part of New York. He would remind the party of the lost borders or the lost states and how it had fallen and its identity had been disestablished by the charter Congress.

Her sentiments continued on the highly partisan divide of the Congressional Information Superhighway. The software allowed lawmakers to access to search the internet simultaneously with their home district and their local media.

Weiner’s resignation comes at a critical time for the Trump administration, especially in Iraq. Much of the Iraq war effort has now moved to the Pentagon, however, so the US government relies on military equipment to train local Iraqi forces. Because of this shortage, ISIS continues to try to overrun Iraqi territory. Weeks ago, ISIS was pushed out of Mosul and other Iraqi cities, but they remain large in areas of northern and western Iraq.

Soon after Weiner announced his resignation, Senator Marco Rubio posted this on Twitter:

I hope we can get to work on fixing our broken immigration system. — Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) September 13, 2016

Following Weiner’s resignation, the Democratic House majority endorsed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the party’s next presidential nominee, while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi supported Vice President Joe Biden. It’s still unclear who the presumptive GOP nominee for the presidential nomination is…

The next House Speaker will likely be a Democrat, just like current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after she left office.