Piers Morgan was left angered when his book went up for auction in eBay

Piers Morgan was left angered by a follower that threw his book to the street with the belongings of his ex-partner Ant McPartlin’s.

The One Show presenter spent almost five years with Lisa Armstrong but split in 2012 over his drug use.

Now that some of McPartlin’s belongings had been auctioned for the first time, he will be glad to have it back.

Morgan was called out by a Twitter user as he spoke to a female supporter of his wife Sheryl, 36, who was attending the auction.

On Friday morning, the member of the audience tweeted: “Well this is just unbelievably embarrassing.”

Morgan replied to her, saying: “You’re the one who wants me to sell this book back to you because I threw it to the street with you being a b******,” before calling her a “eccentric, unintelligent terrorist.”

Viewers on Twitter were left feeling furious by the comment, with many taking the opportunity to vent their anger at Morgan.

The emailer tweeted: “Now you know why Piers Morgan is stuck in a p**** trap… and why I hate him as I hate all of you.”