THE GAA COMEDY SHOW FOR KIDS Alan Brown, with inspiration from his comedy two characters, played by Matt Hamilton and Alastair Byng, Stephen Bannon, chair of the British Irish Trust, and Tom Brodkin, editor of The Spectator.

In the animated series GAA: The Adam & Joe Show, narrated by Eddie Izzard, The Playbill reviews have proved more popular than original songs, and viewers have been queueing for hours to get their first taste of the show.

Adapted from GAA gameshow, The Rebel on Channel 4, the new series of The Rebel will be available to watch on DVD and on digital on all platforms by the end of this year.

The show will feature around 70 new original episodes over seven weeks and is produced by Jungle Productions and The Breakaway Group in Belfast.

And the celebrities involved don’t seem to mind the length of the run: “We have been recording over the past 12 months, so the last four weeks have been jam-packed with filming in Belfast and Cardiff,” said Greg Prenter, business development manager at Jungle.

“Our experts have worked very hard to produce the best possible content from multiple shows.”

The show is created by writer, producer and comedian Frank Di Piro, with a creative team of Stephen Bannon, the chairman of the British Irish Trust, Alastair Byng, from Downing Street Press and Artists, Paul Prenter, art director, Niles Clarke and Roddy Wynne-Jones.

The Rebel will be broadcast weeknights on the Channel 4 Ireland schedule.