CHIEF Sydney FC board member Philip Gartside won’t resist the Sydney-Sydney Battle for the Sky Blues, but is all for sporting rivals Sydney United.

In fact, it’s almost as if that’s what is required, especially for the future.


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Link Cesar Farias is enjoying his days on the footy field and happily giving his to Sydney United. Photo: Getty Images

And it seems as if the rest of the league is being advised not to get too defensive.

This, in fact, is the reaction Sydney Football Federation president Lisa Alexander has received from disgruntled league chief executive Danny Corcoran who was upset last week when his side qualified for the A-League finals despite being below-strength.

But while there was frustration at Alexander taking her team down to Wollongong midweek, Gartside believes all of Sydney City is fighting for its future too.

“There was some dispute for a long time to be honest at Sydney FC with the Sydney United scenario,” Gartside said.


“Talks between Sydney United and Sydney City have been ongoing for a long time, and I don’t think that what happened over the weekend changed any minds in that regard, “he added.

“Everyone would be surprised if there was a change and our A-League people have been told not to get too complacent … . There is no feeling of complacency. Everyone is counting the days until football is brought back to us and you shouldn’t be complacent.”

City have remained loyal to Sydney despite their initial target of sneaking up on the likes of Adelaide United.

But when it happened last week, Sydney FC were left a slightly better option for their return to top spot.

“City are the only A-League team that realistically has any chance of qualifying and we respect their views,” Gartside said.

“There is a case to be made for clubs to stay in the competition for as long as possible.

“But we are making an effort to stay in the competition and we are focused on that.”

Gartside plans to stay in Sydney with Cesar Farias after submitting his application for the vacant second-year player of the year position.

“I have been very fortunate and rewarded for my hard work in Sydney,” he said.