A TEENAGER who hails from from Llanelli was banned from roads after being caught drink-driving twice the limit, it was revealed today.

On August 26, Andy Ismail Carra, 19, was stopped for going too fast along Vale Way in Meadow Vale.

Andy was one of 19 students to be penalised after he was pulled over for drink-driving whilst driving to school at 4.35pm on September 1 this year.

He had consumed half a pint of beer when he was stopped at the traffic lights at Junction 6 on Vale Way with one of his friends, who he had split up with a week before.

His sober friend was also in the car at the time.

The 16-year-old passenger in the car, Hannah Pukan Kim, 20, was also in the car and was disqualified for 12 months after being pulled over for drink-driving at Junction 12 at 3.55pm on August 28.

Neither of the other two people in the car, Leon Barton Cofield, 19, and Stuart McAlpine, 17, were with Andy at the time of the stop and were not charged with any offence.

Both had been drinking, having refused a breathalyser test, which had just completed.

The LSE student was discharged and taken to a nearby hospital for an exploratory surgery on his wrist.

The remainder of the affected 18 students, who had previously pulled over, were fined £50 for drink-driving and given points on their driving licence for failing to appear in court for an alcohol infringement at the time of the stop and fine for failing to pay the fine.

Soprano Iona Soinis, daughter of LSE lecturer Professor Vakili Soinis, said: “Many of the students involved were keen to experience the LSE life as it was at the time of their early examinations.

“This was not always so for these students but unfortunately, two of them involved in the incident were unable to attend some of their lectures.

“This was a tragic incident and we are grateful to these students for the support they gave to each other through this terrible period.”