A standard late night tradition, President Donald Trump’s rally this evening was deemed “one of the biggest events of his presidency.” Which is ironic considering the latter has become known as the “ ‘dumbest tweet’ ever made by an American President.”

Invited in to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Trump went through the stage in style, gesticulating and pointing to one target, even jumping onstage from his space suit. His appearance made Fallon nervous, but he later assured his viewers and critics alike that there were no problems with his stunt and the security personnel were on high alert.

“The Washington Post is alleging that a veteran with the Secret Service was threatened with a gun by one of the protesters. But I asked him to not let me have that. It is almost like he is one of the people who is a little bit afraid that they’re going to be attacked,” Fallon said.

But this wasn’t the first time the President felt so paranoid that he felt compelled to address the ongoing justice controversy in the state of Nevada, which has become a hotbed of violence against protesters. Just six days prior, Newsweek reported that Trump used a Black Lives Matter protest to invoke his administration’s decision to revoke the right of detained immigrants to walk in formation.

“Why are they afraid of being deported and what I’m doing to them is my policy, my agenda and if they’re deported they’re released, then they come back and they’re back to the streets,” Trump stated.

Nevada’s governor, Brian Sandoval, had initially stated that he would not be responding to Trump’s comments, but the president followed up with a tweet as well stating that “Sunday’s rally will be @GovSandoval’s last rally.”

In addition to Amie Watson’s second Amendment to the Constitution, protestors from throughout the world were concerned enough about Trump’s visit that the Department of Justice posted video to its YouTube page.

“Nevada is a hotbed of BLM protests. Shootings of police, lost jobs, cheap housing, paid vacation, tuition hikes, Border Wall…all the things that Trump promised would bring change have left behind a broken state,” the news site reported on its website.

Though it was revealed that the protesters were intended to stage a peaceful, nonviolent protest, the LAPD admitted that officers were called to assist the demonstration, the majority of whom were counter protesters, according to USA Today.

As for Donald Trump’s appearance on the stage, you can watch it in its entirety above.