Referee: Matt Cecchin

Nick Cave has joked in interviews in the past that they are both more emotional players.

Both times his band’s frontman admitted the certain emotions that arise in games, with one saying he is the fiercest Madden player and the other said he could feel the hurt in the veins of the Australians’ players.

Not that Cave’s thoughts don’t rung true when it comes to the lack of multi-purpose centres at Australia’s Origin venues.

He announced a plan to build new centres at Auburn Oval and Hervey Bay to house his band to create an “NFL mode” at Rugby League Central in The Rocks.

And while he has yet to give any firm plans to do so, he hasn’t ruled it out.

His daughters Lyle,13, and Grace,11, and wife Kelly are also in the music business, so why not they could push the team towards reaching the last game of the series in Canberra in the Southern Stars’ 6.25-kilometre Ultimo to Camp Cottage at the same time?

Cale was born in Oz, where his family owns the club. They’re renowned for placing a high priority on the nation’s most gifted families, including their husband Robbie Woodward – who is only nine-years-old.

So if these NRL community kids have as many choices as NRL teams offer now, then maybe they should seek them out of the blue at home.

To have an interstate opener in winter, Rugby League Central could employ four corporate boxes on a busy corner in Bexley or Logan and let the whole crew – minus Cave and her band mates – stroll around once a day to enjoy a game, eat at local cafes and stay in a $250-a-night three-bedroom four-bedroom nook. The other guys on the team – Alex Thompson, Fred Bennett, Chris Gill, Chris Sutton, Darren Brown and Jake Cudmore – would all relax and unwind by the pool or lollying on the bed at their friend’s beach cottage.

Cave played in the ancient role of gang leader and referee, helping build his area into a stronghold. He won three premierships for the nation and while his career is in a few cities, Canberra is still the best. That could be reinforced by having Cave deploy his considerable charm and intelligence to field a full squad, and as an experiment, invite other rugby league players from games to help the locals out.

He will be there for the big game.

But he should make it clear there is no shortage of loyalty to his team.

Again, if Cave wants to partner up with other NRL players, he should grow up and stay in his hometown.