Actually, it’s been a while since I first learned that you can buy a real political novel with real characters that can be read with unerring immediacy.

But that was until today when we learned that you can buy a book full of isolated crises that will be brought to a certain point along the way by the candidates leading up to the election itself. In this case, that point is Monday, Oct. 29.

As we’ve just learned from the National Post, Rebecca Solnit, author of the Revolutionary Women series of feminist novels, has come up with a fictional post-election novel that will provide comfort and yet-to-be-evident direction for both the historical and philosophical fates of both Rob Ford and Corey Ganz.

The book, called When Things Get Interesting, came out just in time for Election Night, and the thing everyone is talking about is that Solnit’s central character, Antoinette Podell, played by Madeleine Mantock, may very well be Ford’s grandmother. It’s speculated that Ford’s grandmother may come alive in the novel as it posits that victory will come to a man who has been tasked with all the sins that can’t be laid at his feet.

Solnit’s novel is a sort of trilogy of “written in America” post-midterms, as the best of the politically gripping novels are given a pulse-pounding historical first-person opening. There’s also the story of an election headed by a run for the Supreme Court of the U.S.