When Democrats take control of the House in November, they’re likely to pick up seats, if not take back the Senate as well. That could mean a much uglier Trump era in Washington. Our Sept. 13 editorial,

No one is more inured to tics and venality in Congress than Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi. The two have handled the presidency and governing of the country with class. They seem utterly unapologetic about their characters and actions, and it’s not likely that the partisan bickering, name-calling and gumming-up of government will change soon.

Congressmen in this district, however, do have something to be grateful for. I’ve lived here since I was in fourth grade, and even then I had a sense of where I was going in life. Now, as an adult, I can say that I’ve gotten a better idea of what is to come in Washington, D.C. (The country, in the lead-up to its most vital chance at emerging from the post-partisan era since World War II.)

Congressman Fred Upton, who served as president of the American Manufacturing Council, has been a staunch ally to employers who support NAFTA. Congressman Jack Kingston of Georgia, who ran for Senate and lost to former Sen. Saxby Chambliss, has been outspoken in his opposition to this terrible deal.