Corrections and clarifications

The first story online reported that Sydney’s National Airport and Wollongong Airport would start paying higher taxes on Monday night (subscription required). A Sydney Herald article incorrectly reported in an online report on Sept. 13 that the timing of taxes was announced after both airports had paid their normal invoices to the Australian Taxation Office.

The story incorrectly reported that John Faulkner had appointed a chief legal officer to the airport. The board was not, as was reported, to be term-limited, as Mr Faulkner said.

Correction, Sept. 15, 2020: An earlier version of this story included a copy of a draft of Sydney’s agreement with the ATO regarding the payment of the airport fees (which was removed) as well as the following correction: a notice was dated Monday, Aug. 21, that the agreement had been referred to the ATO on Wednesday, Aug. 22, as was the notice in the August 13 article. The paragraph in question and paragraph 23(b) of the draft agreement were correctly stated, as was the small print, while paragraph 23(c) of the draft agreement was given weight in the published article.