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October 2016

ATI-registered model portfolios, assets and contents (details & profiles on sites available on this model portfolio)

Previous National PLAs-registered portfolios

Summer Property Listings, June 2016

Disputes with the estate executor

Vanilli Estate LLP, Agency partnership

Westfield Westfield Sydney, Living Collection

The Westfield Group, Guardian Group & Myer Investments LP with affiliates for all shopping and retail.


September 2017

Features information on physical property assets, legal, transaction and insurance costs, technical and professional services required, website and registration

Summer Property Listings, June 2017

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Alternatively, as part of the feature build and homebuyer workshops, there will be some home quality photographs to share along with content that explains the value of your home. We’ll be showing you a range of cool home-fitting products, ideas on mortgage and insurance options and more!

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