I have to admit that I’m hesitant about writing this sentence, that there are so many questions and so many issues with the proposed reform of the media and the media’s role in society, I just can’t help feeling uncomfortable. Because, it is not as if the News Limited media agency, GoCompare, which is so friendly to the powers that be has any discernible interest in making this work.

I’m just confused by it all, as a media industry that’s based on such fundamental principles of independence, balance and fairness, are being whizzed about in this arrangement. Of course there are questions to be asked about the Office of Fair Trading, the regulators that could just about provide the appropriate framework to decongest the publishing universe. Yet, no questions in my brain these days.

Such silly absurdities, most obviously, the proposed press freedom reforms, introduced into effect next month, will create a very unequal media environment.

My advice to Sydneysiders, is to put away your newspaper boxes, flee the CBD, find a quiet place away from your alarm, lock the front door and leave.

I simply would not accept the State Government’s assertion that the public interest would be served by media regulation that doesn’t exist. It will usher in a new era of control in Australia’s media and that’s not where this great country is headed.

So the question now for all of us is, do we support this news announcement?

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