Sony has announced its upcoming PS5 console

The PS5’s new console releases in November, just in time for another festive season and a move for gamers to feel like they’re in with a chance of a hand when it comes to buying the next game console. The release of the PS5 comes right around the time of Black Friday and in time for the launch of the PS4 Pro in both the UK and the US. Sony didn’t break out the exact price of the PS5 in the UK but confirmed that it was “competitively priced” for gamers. Sam Keeley, marketing director of smart devices at Sony UK & Ireland, said in a statement: “It’s an exciting time to be a gamer in Europe. “As we celebrate PS4 Day on November 17, we want to know how you intend to celebrate 2019 and how you plan to navigate the global range of smart devices through our games, entertainment and services offerings, particularly PS4.” While they didn’t give any precise price information, the PS5 will launch with the game Infinity Blade III on November 16 in both the UK and the US.

The game is a new release which draws on the premium experience of the Sony’s PlayStation VR headset in expanding the Resident Evil series to the next level. Resident Evil 6 is also on the PS5 with a choice of two experience modes; “Action” and “Distinction” which will help those enjoying the PSVR look around and move in exhilarating way. The PlayStation 5 release will be supported by seven different PS+ game bundles, with the standard PS4 console available in three different bundles and the three PS+ games each included on a digital version. The new digital editions will take advantage of the sale-by-game button that offers a better viewing experience in both online and offline modes, with new ways to unlock content as well as removing the need to wait a bit to unlock a game. The selection of PS+ games for PS5 is huge, ranging from classics like Soul Calibur and Borderlands to unique releases such as X-COM, Cyberpunk 2077 and X-Men: First Class – Captain America’s Wife. It will also include a brand new live game mode called Alibi, which lets you take over the lives of your loved ones, allowing gamers to play as survivors such as Billy the Butcher or Olaf from Frozen.

Sony has released its PlayStation Now Cloud service

The PlayStation Now service lets PS5 owners stream PS4 games from the PSN Store to PSVR, PS4 Remote Play and a browser-based gamepad. Those who want to also subscribe to Sony’s cloud service PlayStation VR will also be able to stream PS4 games directly to their compatible VR games controller, a move Sony saw as something that would add value to that subscription. In a statement, Sony UK & Ireland said: “We’re excited to announce that PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 VR support is now available to UK customers. “According to the statistics published by Sony in June of this year, nearly a million customers have upgraded to PlayStation Plus via PC, and even more to PS Plus on PS4 as gamers become more aware of the PS Now option.