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How did the media go wrong about Kanye West? Donald Trump seems to have played a part. The plot thickens: The Weinstein Company led by Bob Weinstein’s estranged brother Harvey released The Women of Hollywood last month. In a campaign memo, Weinstein calls his brother a “global villain.” Yet yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter revealed Weinstein signed a new employment agreement that allows Harvey to continue to be executive producer on an upcoming Netflix project. Harvey was a co-creator on The Red Planet — but now he’s acting on that film without Weinstein’s blessing. Harvey had reportedly been unhappy with the low sales for that film after it was released at Cannes last May. Bizarrely, the source who leaked the deal to THR, Michael De Luca, is also working on the film — and his brother Bob is also exec producer. And Weinstein may have gone one step further by opting to sign a separate employment agreement, indicating that he did so because he thought Harvey had instead jumped ship. This is how the world has been running business from here: Kim Kardashian even announced — with no consultation from Kanye — that she would hold a second baby via surrogate as a result of the father’s reported marriage woes. The dad, Kanye, probably doesn’t want her to focus on the future. Not long ago, I reported that he was planning on spending $3 million on the world’s first Monopoly set exclusively for Precious 3-D merchandising as a show of support for his seven-year old daughter who was diagnosed with Alopecia #1. Sounds like he’s thinking about supporting his wife with something else.