Relatives of North Carolina’s youngest husband — who filed a divorce petition after marrying his own mother-in-law — say he is marrying her, 50 years his junior, in an unusual ceremony Wednesday.

Most marriages of this age are about the same: The husband is legally married to his ex-wife, if there is one, and the ex-wife remarries, divorced. This is probably what Mary Jonathan Walker is doing.

If all marriages are equal, the only difference is the age of the bride and groom.

The couple is raising the oddest child — one whose mother also has a child with his ex-wife.

Gia, the couple’s 18-month-old daughter, will have her DNA tested at her grandmother’s medical center because her grandmother insists there is something special about the biological daughter of N.C. Republican Sarah Palin, who is divorced from Gia’s paternal grandfather. (Other conservative-minded North Carolinians have come forward to back Gia’s claim of being the actual Palin.)

Their marriage certificate includes Gia’s gender and her mother’s gender, but Walker is said to be the lone biological parent of Gia.

The couple is about two-thirds of the way through what Walker called the “extraordinary” process of divorcing from his wife and taking her name on to an official form. The marriage contract didn’t ask the court for anything to clarify the nature of his title as married person or spouse, but it said Walker was the holder of “legal custody.”

The woman’s full name was no longer written on her marriage certificate, but Walker is said to have acted as a magistrate judge on the document and issued the marriage papers.

So, as relatives cheered and mobbed the couple, the length of Walker’s natural marriage age was mentioned on the program. Walker’s attorney said Walker intended to marry Gia, himself, in a religious ceremony, which would be designed to include her mother as the bride, and Walker’s family as the groom.

The woman is older than her husband by many years, but Walker is two years younger. He’s already left his wife, a one-time schoolteacher, two years older than she is.

Walker told The Huffington Post that his mother-in-law is the beneficiary of his two bank accounts.

Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that Walker is married to Zarah Ezekiel Walker, the younger of his two children, who has a taste for French cooking.