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Life on Venus.

You know the singer Crikey is talking about? The woman formerly known as Princess Alexia. She has been a hit with her debut album, as well as UK chart successes with platinum and gold versions, and lead the Australian Idol 9X90, and achieved global notoriety and high profile. Yet she remains one of the least heard voices on planet Earth.

In Australia the girl isn’t the bitching royal we know in the movies. No, Alexia and husband Fabio Green believe they’ve made the most of all their time on Earth, and plan to transform the natural resources to fuel their empire. Even the brutal realities of life on a small planet will probably not stop her being in the news. Instead, she’ll be getting on with what she does best.

And it seems that her devotion to creating a sustainable food system in the lead up to the fourth anniversary of the Global Warming Act is paying off. Our favourite environmentalist and China’s most eligible bachelor shared his observations of what a country with (wait for it) upwards of 800 million solar panels does for a day’s charge. Lovely little passion project, might be something for pizza aficionados, and requires a lot of pairing, which is a hobby for Alexia.

For everything from eating out to drinking tea, the week’s real name is a family-friendly term. Read on for the five must-have family things we’d love you to know as a little girl and girl today.

Australia’s Next Top Model.

Ha! Maybe it’s not the smallest thing of all. The nation’s newest reality program kicked off with about 5,000 Australians competing for six new (ahem) mates across a range of buzzy challenges. The line-up kicked off back in January, and selected to face an earlier, nerve-wracking, brand new style test in early August. Voting has already started, and finalists will be announced on Thursday, with the winner announcing on Channel Seven on Saturday. Is Cairns the meat market? Maybe not, but this YouTube clip should do the trick.

Check out some of the contestants under the microscope from last week’s finale:

Victoria’s Next Top Model, Australia’s Next Top Model, is on ABC1, Sunday, 7.30pm.